first-aidAdvanced Wound Care
While Nekos-Dedrick's has the supplies for everyday cuts and scrapes, we are also the Hudson Valley's best source for everything needed for severe or long term wound care. We have bulk Gauze Pads and Rolls, Surgical Tapes and ABD Pads.  Additionally we have a large supply of Advanced Wound Dressings such as, Calcium Alginate, Compression Dressing/Unna boot, Foam, Hydrocolloid, Hydrogel, Adherent & Non-adherent and Wound Cleansers & Debriders. We represent such trusted companies as Smith & Nephew, Carrington, Dynarex, Convatec, BSN-Jobst, 3M, Kendall and Johnson & Johnson.

If you have a Colostomy, Ileostomy or Urostomy you know that finding the right appliance is imperative for you to lead an active life.  At Nekos-Dedrick’s we carry appliances by Convatec, Hollister and Coloplast.  Accessories include Skin Cleansers, Protective Wipes, Adhesive Removers and Skin Barrier and Fillers in paste and powder from Smith & Nephew, Convatec, Hollister and 3M.

Surgical Supplies
Surgical gloves made from Latex and hypo-allergenic synthetic materials, scissors, forceps, tweezers and all of the most common surgical supplies can be found at Nekos-Dedrick's. But we also carry many of the Odds n’ Ends that are hard to find anywhere else; Cast Covers, Bed and Chair Alarms, Bedwetting Alarms, Erecaids, Latex Tubing and Cotton Stockingettes. Special orders are welcome, so please call or email.

There are many conditions under which someone would need a Urinary Catheter, and whatever it may be Nekos-Dedrick’s has the supplies. We carry Foley (indwelling), Urethral (intermittent), and Condom Catheters in many sizes and styles.  Accessories include Leg Bags, Overnight Bags, Insertion Trays and Lubricants from companies like Mentor, Bard, Sherwood and Kendall. Our staff of pharmacists, nurses, and other experts will make sure you choose the right supplies and understand how to use them. Prescription required.

cushioningCushions and Pillows
It may be for your back, head and neck, knee, heel, or legs. Perhaps it's for laying down, sitting or driving. Nekos-Dedrick's has the cushion or pillow solution for your particular problem with our large selection. Carex, Conair, Obus Forme, Hermell, Duro-Med (DMI) and Wal-Pil-O can provide you with the Cushion or Pillow for which you've searching.

Aids for Daily Living
We offer helpful products to solve most daily challenges of trying to lead an independent life with physical disabilities or reduced physical capabilities.  We have reachers, eating and utensil aids, elastic shoelaces, long shoehorns, stocking donners, dressing aids, magnifiers, pill organizers, and other items from companies such as Patterson Medical, Duro-Med, Ezy-care, Carex and Essential. You'll find many of these items useful even if you have no disabilities or limitations!

For simple in home exercise Nekos-Dedrick’s has a few options for you. There’s the Pedlar Light Workout Exerciser by Battle-Creek, an easy way to cycle from the comfort of your own chair. From Thera-Band we have hand exercisers, resistance bands and handles, and exercise balls in different resistances and sizes. We have over-the-door pulley systems by DMI for simple upper body work. We can order any other device to suit your need.

Many adults are affected by the inability to completely control urination or bowel movements. This may vary from a minor leakage to a complete loss of control, so we carry a wide range of products sure to fit your particular needs. Inserts, Pads, Briefs and Pull-ups by companies such as, Depends, Tena, Attends, Poise and Serenity. In addition we carry Underpads (both disposable and re-usable), Male and Female Urinals, Bed Pans, Rubber Sheeting, Plasticized Pants and Cleansing Products by Carex, Salk, DMI and Sage. Our unsurpassed senstivity and discretion make Nekos-Dedricks the only logical choice.

With the dramatic rise in Asthma and related conditions has come the need for more advanced and convenient Home Nebulizing Therapy methods. It has also necessitated a better understanding of these conditions, their triggers, and treatments.  Nekos-Dedrick’s has been proactive on every front of this new battle, offering a diverse supply of Nebulizers and atomizers by Devilbiss, in stock every day. We also have access to units from Hudson, Mabis, Respironics and Omron. Large or portable, we also have parts; Masks, Mouthpieces, Medicine Cups, Tubing and Filters, and the knowledge to service your Nebulizer for peak performance for many years to come. Prescription required.

Tens (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) can relieve many types of pain. Our TENS units from Lead-Lok have dual channels and provide control for Pulse Amplitude, Rate and Width. We carry analog with your choice of 9 volt or rechargeable battery. We also stock a supply of Electrode Pads in various sizes. Should the need arise, Nekos-Dedrick's can service your Tens unit. Prescription required.

Please contact our Medical Equipment and Supply Department with any questions regarding your individual insurance plans and home medical needs.