Pride Lift Chairs
Make life easier for your loved ones who suffer from back, leg, knee, hip or other problems. End the daily struggle of lifting them in and out of an armchair. Nekos-Dedricks has Pride Lift Chairs in a variety of sizes, colors, styles, and prices, each as comfy as your favorite chair but allowing the patient to easily go from a seated to a standing position in seconds. Avoid injury to yourself and your home patient with a Pride Lift Chair.

Specialty Seating
In addition to our Pride Lift Chairs we have Clinical Care Recliners on wheels for more specific needs. Also available are Drop Arm and Runabout styles, hospital style Geri Chairs, as well as Hip Chairs. We represent manufacturers such as Drive and Grahamfield. Call or visit our showroom for a free professional consult regarding which chair is right for your situation.

Nekos-Dedricks can supply you with cushioning for nearly any medical or therapeutic need. Wheelchair cushions, pressure relief mattresses, contour cut pillows, hip abduction wedges, neck collars, bed and chair cushions, and shaped cushions. Many are available in an attractive array of colors and materials.
If we don't have the cushion you want or need chances are we can get it, usually within a day or two...

Hospital Beds
All of our Electric Hospital Beds come complete with Mattress and Side Rails.  Mattresses are available in Foam or Spring. We also offer Overlay Pads such as Alternating Pressure, Eggcrate, Gel and Lambs wool. Our hospital beds include free delivery throughout the Hudson Valley, and of course Nekos will provide set up and training. We will also be there to service your hospital bed on-site should the need arise. Nekos-Dedricks is the only name you need to know or want to know for hospital beds in Ulster County and the Hudson Valley.

Patient Lifts and Hoyer Lifts
Incorrectly handling convalescing or immobile family members is a prime cause of injury for both patient and caregiver. We offer lifts that provide a simple solution for helping someone who cannot stand or move about on their own. Our Hydraulic Lift is on wheels so it can be used to move someone once they've been safely and comfortably lifted from their bed, chair, or wherever. Normal lift slings come with each Lift, and specialty slings for use with commodes and bathtubs may be purchased right in our showroom. Of course you can rely on us for delivery, set up, training, and service.

In the interest of saving you time, trouble, and money, Nekos-Dedricks Pharmacy is your one stop shop for virtually any hospital bed accessory or enhancement you may need or want. Accessories include, Over Bed Tables, Trapezes, Step Stools, Privacy Screens, Pillows, Gowns, Sheets and Bed Alarms. We also carry Bed Rails from Bed Handles Inc. and Standers Inc. that provide security and peace of mind with any standard bed. Like any other item from our patient room we'll deliver it to your home, and provide set up and training.

Nekos-Dedrick's Pharmacy handles a complete line of commodes. Begin with the industry standard 3 in 1 Commode which provides a free-standing commode to be used next to the bed, a raised toilet seat with safety rails, or a bath and shower seat. We also carry, or can order, Commodes with Wheels, Drop Arms and units capable of supporting up to 1,000 pounds. Our manufacturers include Carex, Lumex, Guardian, and TFI.  If you need simple accessories such as a Bucket or Splash Guard Sleeve, we have those in stock.

Medicare and many other insurance plans does cover patient room equipment. Please contact our Medical Equipment and Supply Department with any questions regarding your individual insurance and the equipment you will be needing.