Sometimes commercially manufactured treatments and medicines do not precisely meet your specific needs, and Nekos-Dedrick's Compounding Pharmacy can help. We are one of the few remaining compounding pharmacies in the Hudson Valley. Our highly trained prescription compounding professionals can change the dosage, form, or method of administration of the medication you take. We are at work with this technology serving countless health care professionals in Ulster County, the Hudson Valley, throughout New York State, and across the country with our unique, state-of-the-art compounding lab.

Our clean room is perfect for
compounding sterile injectables
and other critical operations

  • Transdermals
    • When a patient has difficulty swallowing, we can often formulate the medicine into a transdermal cream or gel that will facilitate drug absorption through the skin. Transdermal therapy is a unique option of drug delivery that often helps one avoid injections and unpleasant oral medications.
  • Lozenges
  • Freezer pops
  • Troches
    • Also known as gummies, troches are ideal dosage forms for children, patients who have difficulty swallowing medication, or for medications that have to stay in contact with the oral mucosa.
  • Lollipops
  • Lip balms
  • Metered nasal sprays
  • Rapid dissolve tablets
    • Tablets that dissolve in your mouth and get absorbed through the mucosa allows for a quicker onset of action. With sildenifil the onset of action is 5 minutes as opposed to 30 minutes.
  • Sublingual drops and sprays
  • Non-aerosol topical sprays
  • Suppositories

Enjoy a virtual tour of our Compounding Lab. Select any image for an enlarged view.

electronic-mortar-pestleointment-millElectronic Mortar and Pestle
The electronic mortar and pestle is an advanced piece of machinery that uses the latesttechnology and high speeds to mix ingredients in a fast and uniform manner. It is used to prepare liquids, creams, lotions, and gels.

Ointment Mill
The ointment mill is used to decrease particle size of creams, lotions, gels, pastes, and liquids. Ceramic rollers compress the material and reduce the particles to minute sizes. This ensures a product that is smooth and free of large particles. By decreasing the particle size in topical applications, the drug is better absorbed into the skin.

Tube Sealer
The tube sealer incorporates a two step process of heating and cooling. It not only seals tubes, but seals bags and suppository molds as well. The Tube is placed on the machine and is run through a heating cycle, followed by a cooling cycle.

Enteric Capsule Coater
The enteric coating machine is a highly advanced machine that coats your ordinary oral capsule with an enteric coating on the outside. By doing this, the capsule, when taken orally will not break down right away in the stomach, but will continue on due to its coating into the intestines where it is absorbed.

Suppository Molds
Suppositories remain a popular dosage form to this day, often being the easiest and even most effective way to administer specific medicines. We now have a unique form of suppositories called “Rectal Rockets.” These suppositories resemble the shape of a rocket ship and facilitate simultaneous internal and external administration of medications.

Capsule Machine
For years pharmacists have had to punch capsules by hand, a process that could take minutes to several hours. With the capsule machine we can compound up 100 capsules at one time and up to five different sized capsules with a great degree of accuracy..

Electronic Analytical Balance
When compounding specific formulations, often a very small and very precise quantities  must be weighed out. The analytical balance allows the pharmacist to weigh out very potent drugs with a very high sensitivity and a previously unmatched degree of accuracy.

Hot Plate and Magnetic Stirrer 
This apparatus allows the pharmacist to heat and mix liquids at specific temperatures and mixing speeds in an efficient manner.

Sterile prescription compounding is one of our specialties, and our laboratory autoclave provides the most effective method by which to sterilize not only the tools and equipment we use and dispense, but also the sterile medicines that we deliver.

Our Labnet Spectrifuge aids us in the separation of blood serum for highly customized and personalized compounded prescriptions.