Nekos-Dedrick’s Pharmacy is committed to improving our customer's quality of life, building long-term relationships, and being conscious of customer needs to ensure your comfort and well-being. Our Certified Fitter, Stephanie Welch, is an LPN and one of the most highly trained and experienced fitters in the Hudson Valley. Her knowledge and sensitivity, coupled with our spacious private fitting room, promotes a positive experience.

We understand that not every patient is able to visit our store for fittings. We can arrange a House Call to make sure that you get the right product with the proper fit. Please call our Medical Equipment and Supply Department to schedule an in-home fitting.

Custom Fittings by Stephanie Welch are by appointment only

Mastectomy Products
Our Fitters are dedicated to helping women lead full lives after surgery, and are trained by industry leaders like Amoena, ABC, and Nearly Me. Our fashionable and functional products include:

  • Mastectomy Bras and Forms
  • Post Surgical Garments
  • Lymphedema Sleeves
  • Specialty Bras for the hard to fit woman

Orthopedic Bracing

With 360 joints in the human body it's no surprise that Orthopedic Bracing is our largest equipment department. We have a huge stock of Ready to Wear braces, supports, and orthotics at all times for the neck, back, shoulders, knee, ankle, wrist and elbow.

  • Cam Walkers
  • Plantar Fascitis and Contracture Splints
  • Cervical Collars and Clavicle Straps
  • Posture Supports
  • Seizure Helmets


Compression Garments

Graduated compression stockings and socks minimize muscle aches, swelling and fatigue. In special cases we can custom fit stockings and burn garments, or provide you with a lymphedema sleeve and pump or circaid garment from industry leaders:

  • Juzo
  • Medi
  • FLA
  • Bauerfeind
  • Circaid