Compounding Prescriptions for over 40 Years Nekos-Dedrick's Pharmacy Expands its Services

Nekos-Dedrick’s Compounding pharmacy is a community pharmacy located on 86 North Front Street in the heart of uptown Kingston. Specializing in compounding, which is the pharmacy method of preparing medications to meet unique physician and patient needs, Nekos- Dedrick’s has added on a 300 square foot state of the art compounding lab and sterile lab. Nekos-Dedrick’s laboratory compounds medications for Customized Hormone Replacement Therapy, Pediatrics, Autism, Pain Management, Dermatology. Veterinary, and Sterile Compounding. Unique to any other community pharmacy in Ulster County, Nekos-Dedrick’s is USP "797” compliant. This means they can now create injectables. eye drops, ear drops, and nasal sprays right in the pharmacy laboratory.

There are several reasons why pharmacists compound prescription medications, yet the most important one is patient non­compliance. Many patients are allergic to preservatives or dyes, or are sensitive to standard drug strengths. With the physician’s consent, Renee Nekos. Com­pounding Pharmacist at Nekos-Dedricks, can change the medication by altering its form, strength. or even flavor to make it more palatable for the patient. The pharmacist can also prepare the medication using unique delivery systems, such as lollipops, lozenges, or even creams one can apply right to the skin. Renee Nekos states, “compounding has allowed us to become the so called “cold stone creamery” of pharmacy. By working in a triad of physician, patient, and pharmacist, we can create a unique customized medication for the individual’s specific needs. Pharmacy is no longer “one size fits all. People need unique dosages and formulations that are designed for their body only. A common example of a customized compounded product would be a transdermal pain cream. Often patient’s taking oral pain medications such as NSAIDs will experience unwanted side effects when ingested orally. With this in mind, the compounding pharmacist can take the NSAID and mix it with a penetrating cream base that the patient can apply topically to the site of pain “.

The laboratory is surrounded with wide glass windows allowing the public to get a first hand look at the process of creating these customized medications. Owners Maryann Sheeley and George Nekos felt that it was important to involve the public with this process as much as possible. “Instead of hiding the lab from view like other compounding pharmacies often do, we wanted to build in a manner that would welcome the public “. Nekos invites patients. doctors, or those who are just curious to come in and view the new lab, often giving tours to those who have a curiosity.

Along with building the new laboratory Nekos-Dedrick’s Pharmacy joined PCCA, the Professional Compounding Centers of America. The building of the new state of the art laboratory combined with joining  PCCA has enabled Nekos-Dedrick’s Pharmacy to expand and continue building their well deserved reputation as a patient first organization. George and Maryann state: “We are bringing a new era of pharmacy care to the community. Patient’s will now be able to receive the type of personal care that they deserve”.

In addition to providing customized compounding for humans, Nekos-Dedrick’s Pharmacy spends a majority of their time creating customized medications for pets and exotic animals alike. The pharmacist makes medicated treats and flavored suspensions that are easy to administer. “In regards to flavoring, some favorites among our furry patients include: beef, shrimp, liver. chicken, and even tutti-frutti for our exotic patients. If you have a pet at home that is suffering from urinary incontinence, has recently had surgery, or even has a minor infection, come see veterinary compound ding specialist, Maryann Sheeley and find out if your pet could benefit from customized compounding”.
In addition to compounding. Nekos-Dedricks offers Hormone Replacement Consultations. Diabetic Consultations, and has full time certified nurses on staff to perform tailored fittings for compression garments, orthopedic braces, and mastectomy products. In addition to this they have a wonderful front display of health care products such as hospital beds, canes, wheel chairs. patient lift chairs, aids in daily living, and much more. Several of Nekos-Dedrick’s pharmacists are certified immunizers, so when flu season arrives Nekos-Dedrick’s invites you to come get immunized. Come to a place where “everyone knows your name”, Nekos-Dedrick’s Pharmacy, or visit them on the web at nekosdedricks.corn. They look forward to creating a medication for you and your pet.